My name means Sea.

        Sometimes the easiest way to carry something heavy is to take both hands and hold it above your head. Somehow that always feels lighter. You could try to hide just how heavy you think it is. You could tuck it under one arm and pretend your arm isn’t breaking. You could hold it with your fingertips and pretend your fingers weren’t numb. You could pretend your hands weren’t shaking under the weight. You could pretend you could handle it. But I’ve found that doesn’t do any good. Sometimes when your burden is just too large, the best way to carry it is up over your head. Carry it away from your heart. By holding it above your head you’re acknowledging its existence. You’re acknowledging that it hurts you. But not only that, by holding it above you, you’re showing others just how heavy your load is.

            A serious problem with the world today is the placement of our hearts. We take our hearts and tuck them behind steal ribs. Nothing gets in, nothing gets out. The only place we let our hearts roam free is on the Internet. It’s like a dog park for lonely souls. We set our hearts out their for everyone to see, then we cry in agony when a nameless face tells us how worthless we are. I never understood that. I’d much rather walk around with my heart on my sleeve and my burden above my head. Let people see me for who I really am. Because I’m so much more than a screen name. I’m more than a metaphor. More than the worthless pile of cells others may think I am. I am Hali. Welcome to my blog.